Introduction 2.0

Having come back from such a long absence, perhaps I should take a second to re-introduce myself, especially since there’s more to say about where my head is and isn’t compared to last time I wrote a “first post.”

Hi! I am a spiritual polyvore. After an agnostic upbringing, I spent nearly twenty years total in various forms of Paganism, ten of them in leadership roles. Then comes a long story it’s not time for here, so we jump to the present, where I have been Episcopalian for several years. Either way, I have always had a contemplative and mystical bent, which means I do a lot of thinking about how my own thoughts and actions relate to my ideals and tend to have an, um, experiential component to my religious feels. “Discernment of spirits,” I think we call it here. I have strong Carmelite leanings. All of that said, I haven’t turned my back on other religions being benign and right for other people, and retain respect for and interest in just how many ways there are for people to dig into that wonderfully rich and strange aspect of human life. And I still watch violent movies and listen to rock music and play video games and swear.

This potentially stirs up any of a whole pot of problems for people. Cussing Carmelites are not normally a thing. Neither is a high-church Christian still hanging around with the Pagan intellectual elite, which I know from experience blows minds on both ends of the equation. I can’t help it: I don’t do dualism very well. And that is ultimately likely to be a theme here. When I’m not on overtly spiritual topics, expect to see my dualism fail applied to things like autism, gender, sexual orientation, gamer and geek culture.


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